Frylight Sunflower Oil Spray 190ML


Sunflower oil emulsion cooking spray

Frylight contains at least 30% less calories and fat than regular oils and dispenses 1kcal/0.1g fat per spray.

Replace oil or butter with Frylight and use up to 95% less fat.*

This bottle can cook up to 190 meals!*

*Based on using 5 sprays per cook (5kcal/0.5g fat), which can replace 1 tablespoonful of oil (120kcal/15g fat) or butter (110kcal/12g fat) = 95% less fat and saves over 100kcal per cook.

The original cooking spray
Nothing artificial
Great to grill, fry and roast
1 cal per spray
Gluten free
Vegetarian Society Approved
Suitable for vegans

Pack size: 190ML