Alesto Californian Premium Brazil Nuts 200g


Natural Brazil nuts Alesto

Brazil nuts are very rich in selenium - 96 micrograms, or 175% (RDI), while a larger percentage of other nuts contain on average less than - 1 micrograms. Also, this very valuable product consists of a large amount of magnesium, copper and zinc. Selenium, which is rich in Brazil nuts, contains an average of 96 mcg. However, its capacity can reach higher values ​​- 400 mcg in each nut. Thus, the average Brazil nut can hold approximately 175% of the required amount of this mineral. With a daily requirement for adults, 55 mcg. Selenium is a vital trace element that supports the proper functioning of all organs and systems of our body. A trace element is necessary for the thyroid gland and positively affects the immune system and cell growth.