About Us

The leading coconut products manufacturer in Maldives

Kihaa Faseyha Foods has firmly established itself since 2015 as the leading fresh and healthy Coconut produce manufacturer of the highest quality in Maldives.

Understanding that Coconut is a Maldivian staple food, and is the soul of any local dish, we set about to provide the convenience to the modern household to achieve their Dhivehi culinary masterpieces with the ready- to-use Frozen Grated Coconut.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil has been developed using traditional techniques of extracting coconut oil, a process that has been mastered over the years by our team of Oil Artisans, assuring quality with attention to detail.

The Kihaa Faseyha team are dedicated to provide our customers with premium quality and expanding range of coconut products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to learn about new product releases!