About Us

Kihaa Faseyha – A Locally Produced Convenience

We want to celebrate our food hero, the coconut, used for many generations on our islands as the soul ingredient of most Maldivian Dishes. Since 2015, people have trusted us to provide authentic, flavourful and readily available foods that connect them to warm memories and to each other. Our mission has been to value our heritage ingredient and to always use organic and ensure it is sustainably sourced.

Kihaa Faseyha in Dhivehi is an exclamation to the convenience our wholesome ingredients has brought to the people.


Our Story

We started our journey in a simple kitchen, exploring the diverse uses of the Coconut and creating wholesome ingredients for nutritious food. Our first product was the Frozen Grated Coconut, followed by Virgin Coconut oil pressed by our skilled oil artisans for beauty care. We have now introduced for the first time locally produced Coconut Cooking Oil, Coconut Flour and Desiccated Coconut.


Who We Are

We are a growing family business and the leading manufacturer of Coconut products in the Maldives. We cherish our Maldivian roots and traditions that reflect our passion to create products that support our cultural modern lifestyle.


Our Brand

Wellbeing is important to us, and this has led to us to building the Kihaa Faseyha Foods range and Island Infusions beauty range of Coconut products that make you feel wholesome both inside and out. Our Virgin Coconut Oil has been developed using traditional techniques of extracting coconut oil, a process that has been mastered over the years by our team of Oil Artisans, assuring quality with attention to detail. The Kihaa Faseyha team are dedicated to provide our customers with premium quality and expanding range of coconut products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to learn about new product releases!



Because we believe we all have a role to play in looking after our environment, we are proud to provide our bottle return recycling service. We are constantly working on new ways to be a more sustainable business.